Financial Services: Customer Case Study - Capital Group


I have people stop me in the hall and say 'Thank you, Russell for implementing Expense. This has been a lifesaver.’
- Russell Ballenger, Senior Manager & VP Global Finance, Capital Group

With 7,200 employees around the globe, managing T&E for Capital Group had been a challenge. The company struggled to process multiple paper forms, taking roughly 60 minutes to create, audit, and issue a payment for each expense report. From the person filling out the expense report to the finance team, no one was happy. Capital Group turned their T&E around by automating the T&E process, Capital Group has reduced the risk of duplicate payments, regulatory issues, and fraud, as well as experienced:

  • 50% time-savings for busy employees creating and approving expense reports
  • 30% reduction in AP support time
  • 25% reduction in travel management costs.

Watch this video to learn how Capital Group transformed their T&E process.

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