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Concur T&E Spend Report

Concur reveals the secrets behind £30 billion worth of T&E Spend!

Where in the world is the most popular place for business travelers to visit, dine out or spend the night? Concur took a good look at their travel and expense database to reveal the ten largest categories of T&E spend and most expensive cities for business travel, including the average cost per transaction, and a comparison of that spend year-over-year. It also offers a detailed look at the regional spending trends in some of the most popular hubs for business travel throughout the world including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.

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Compiled from the detailed analysis of more than 500 million expense line items from its corporate clients, representing more than £30 billion ($50bn) in spend, the data offers travel and expense managers insight into global and regional spending trends, helping organisations of all sizes make more informed decisions.


  • Aggregated data - To produce average line item and location spending data, Concur looked at aggregated expense report data for calendar year 2011. For year-over-year data, Concur compared 2011 spend data to comparable data from 2010. All data used to compile this report is anonymous and aggregated, so that no specific company or personal identifiable information is ever used or analyzed.
  • Transaction amounts - All transaction amounts are specified in U.S. dollars (USD). Non-USD expenses were converted to USD using the OANDA exchange rate on the date of the transaction. Hotel transaction amounts represent the daily room rate within an itemized hotel folio. Dining transactions typically represent personal breakfast, lunch or dinner expenses.
  • Worldwide vs. U.S. T&E spend - Global T&E spend represents consolidated data from Concur clients around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia. U.S. T&E data represents a subset of worldwide spend that occurred within the United States.
  • Most visited cities - The most visited cities are determined and ranked by the number of hotel room nights expensed in those cities.