Who's in charge of Duty of Care?

Who's in charge of Duty of Care?

It's no surprise that corporate safety and security are bigger issues than ever. Organizations of all sizes are focusing more and more on how to best protect their data and personnel. They're committing more resources, convening teams and concentrating their efforts on crossing every T and dotting every I. But what happens when someone leaves the building?

Is Duty of Care really a duty? Yes. But this isn't something you have to do on your own.

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Concur Locate and Active Monitoring

Staying on top of your duty of care commitments requires the best tools and the right partners. Concur Locate features the most comprehensive travel and expense data set so you can get a clear picture of worldwide events and an understanding of the employees who are impacted. With Active Monitoring, powered by HX Global, you gain 24/7 monitoring, proactive communications and assistance coordination. No matter the time of day, Concur’s technology and services are there to ensure your organization can keep your employees safe.

What your business needs. What your travelers want. All in one place.

Bring every aspect of business travel management together – capture more data while you cut costs, reduce risks, and connect travelers to top brands and popular apps.

Concur Triplink

Bring invisible bookings into your managed travel program. Increase visibility into travel plans, apply policy and negotiated rates, and fulfill duty of care

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Concur Locate and Active Monitoring

Ensure the safety of employees with an integrated location and monitoring system. Manage duty of care with instantaneous updates and communication.

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Large partnership network

Access an integrated ecosystem of partner applications to better manage compliance, spending, and travel experiences.

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