Supercharge Your Company’s Accounts Payable (AP) Process

Supercharge Your Company’s Accounts Payable (AP) Process


Join us as we look at some typical AP questions that needs to be answered immediately by the finance team on a day-to-day basis:

  • Where is that invoice?
  • When can we expect payment?
  • What is our cash position?

With that we also dig into the reasons why you can’t easily answer the three Ws and you’ll find multiple opportunities to improve your invoice management efficiency. Manual tasks, bottlenecks, and errors give way to faster payments, improved cash flow, and optimized profitability. We will also showcase how companies use SAP Concur's Invoice solution to hasten and automate their AP process – so the finance team can focus their time on more strategic work.

Elise Shen
Senior Solutions Consultant
SAP Concur

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