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4 Major Dividends of University Spend Visibility PREMIUM
Colleges and universities are experiencing a seismic shift in the way they manage spend: a significant amount of spend that has traditionally been under the organization’s control is now in the hands of faculty and staff. And these faculty and staff are spending more funds, across more categories, using more methods to order and pay. No longer is visibility into spend as easy...
Aberdeen Report: Managing Unique T&E Demands in the... PREMIUM
This Aberdeen Report highlights unique T&E challenges and demands that Financial Services organizations with regulatory requirements, retaining and recruiting young talent and moving to a more technology-focused solution. The financial services industry is faced with unique challenges that demand attention in governing their travel and expense (T&E) management processes. Heavy...
Aberdeen: The Travel and Expense Management Guide 2014 -... PREMIUM

Today's organizations have a lot to think about when it comes to travel and expense management. Greater business intelligence, visibility, risk mitigation and the ability to adapt amid today's mobile workforce are just a few examples. 

Aberdeen: Travel Manager's Dilemma: Balancing Company Needs... PREMIUM
This report examines the plight of the beleaguered travel manager, who is caught in the middle of juggling the company's mandates for cost reduction, risk and duty-of-care management, and the traveler's demands. We will look at the capabilities that Leaders have in place compared to followers that enable them to manage the company vs....
Adopting a Mobile Solution
Mobile devices have not only changed our everyday lives, they have disrupted the business travel landscape as well. This mobile shift is not going away, and it’s not slowing down. Yet even as mobility becomes the norm, many businesses lag behind the times when it comes to offering their employees the mobile tools to do their jobs better. Organizations are under pressure to meet travelers’...
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Capturing and Controlling the Invisible Spend PREMIUM
Travel behaviors and preferences are changing With the emergence of new technology, supplier-direct efforts and shifts due to generational changes, business traveler behavior is changing. Corporate travel has been fixated on online booking adoption for more than a decade. Businesses need to recognize that invisible spend driven by mobile bookings may...
Company Bill Statements Brochure PREMIUM
Looking to increase control and visibility of your purchasing card spend? With annual P-Card spending projected to reach $377 billion by 2018, companies are looking for new ways to manage their growing spend. Read this brochure to discover how Company Bill Statements from Concur enables your business to automate the entire purchasing process while providing control...
Concur Business Intelligence
With accelerated technology impacting traditional many business processes, spend data is now funnelled through multiple sources making tracking and managing spend more difficult and unproductive. Consequently, emphasis increasingly placed on simplifying spend management processes and consolidating data from all your systems and directly from suppliers. Imagine collating travel, ERP, invoice and...
Concur Central Reconciliation
Concur’s Central Reconciliation service provides a streamlined method to reconcile centrally-billed accounts using the benefits of an integrated travel and expense management platform.
Concur Expense
No more missing receipts, error-prone spreadsheets and limited visibility. Welcome to Concur® Expense, an integration of accurate expense claims that automate, simplify and improve the expense management process. Effectively manage and control spending wherever and whenever it happens. With Concur, you can easily connect the varying segments and partners of your expense ecosystem to get...
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A Brief Look into Analytics from SAP Concur

Analytics provides a unified view of your data so you can empower stakeholders with the information they need to understand and impact the bottom line. Here are some key examples of how Analytics can drive actionable insights for you!

A Brief Look into Analytics from SAP Concur

Analytics provides a unified view of your data so you can empower stakeholders with the information they need to understand and impact the bottom line.

Discover more business benefits:

  • Confidently make data-guided decisions on expense and budget management
  • Get near real-time data on payments and spend
  • Automate system checks on expense policies to reduce fraud and errors
  • Simplify business travel booking with cost control

Let our implementation experts and consultants bring this conversation to a business of your size.

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A look around Concur Expense

Automated and easy to use, Concur Expense helps you manage the expense process from beginning to end. With a better user experience, accurate data and rich reporting, intuitive web-based and mobile tools help you complete your expense reports quickly and accurately. Learn more at https://www.concur.com.sg/expense-management

A look around Concur Invoice

Want to avoid lost paper invoices, delayed email invoices, late and duplicate payments? This overview of Concur Invoice shows how automating your accounts payable management in the cloud can make your life easier, save you money and give you a clearer view into your cash flow – the lifeblood of any business. Learn more at https://www.concur.com.sg/invoice-management

A look around Concur Travel and Expense

Business travel works better when it's integrated with Travel and Entertainment expense reporting. This short video shows how easy it is to book travel and how expense data flows seamlessly from travel bookings to SAP Concur expense reports when you automate in the cloud with Concur Travel and Expense. Learn more at https://www.concur.com.sg/travel-expense

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On Demand Webinar: Turning Travel Analytics into Business... PREMIUM
Gone are the days when SSO travel measures mean sharing how many expense reports were processed within a KPI objective.  Today’s sophisticated T&E tools enable organisations to gain more insight into spend than ever before.  Enhanced analytics provide data visibility and a platform for streamlined fraud detection/prevention.  Gaining transparency into trends and exceptions...

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Abercrombie & Fitch Case Study PREMIUM
Concur’s Web-based and mobile solutions help Abercrombie & Fitch achieve admirable compliance with complex international T&E regulations across 25 countries, as well as reduce North American corporate card file time by15 days per month and achieve exceptional visibility into global spend.With more than $19M in annual travel spend, 36,000 expense reports to process annually and thousands of...
Cable & Wireless case study PREMIUM
Reimbursements are expedited and VAT recovery is simplified, making vital spend data more visible
Deutsche Post DHLCase Study PREMIUM
Concur delivers exceptional ROI for global logistics leader, Deutsche Post DHL.
Eaton case study PREMIUM
Powerful global functionality met the needs of this multi-national company
Ericsson case study PREMIUM
Powerful global functionality met the needs of this multi-national company