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Aberdeen: The Travel and Expense Management Guide 2014 -... PREMIUM

Today's organizations have a lot to think about when it comes to travel and expense management. Greater business intelligence, visibility, risk mitigation and the ability to adapt amid today's mobile workforce are just a few examples. 

Aberdeen: Travel Manager's Dilemma: Balancing Company Needs... PREMIUM
This report examines the plight of the beleaguered travel manager, who is caught in the middle of juggling the company's mandates for cost reduction, risk and duty-of-care management, and the traveler's demands. We will look at the capabilities that Leaders have in place compared to followers that enable them to manage the company vs....
Ardent Partners Report: Transforming Accounts Payable for... PREMIUM
In this research report published by Ardent Partners and sponsored by Concur, we explore the transformation of AP from a back-office function providing little strategic value to a "hub" of financial intelligence and insights that generates process efficiency. This transformation is explored through the pillars of automation, talent...
Asia's Journey to Optimized Travel and Expense Management PREMIUM

Based on an enterprise survey from 363 CFOs and Finance Directors in China, ASEAN, and India, this research can help companies gain clarity around Travel and Expense (T&E) automation and other T&E issues. Let’s learn about how companies in Asia get automated in T&E management that brings higher satisfaction with visibility, compliance, mobility, business intelligence and real time control.

Concur, Corporate cards + expense management = smart move. PREMIUM
Read Aberdeen research on how lower middle market companies that leveraged an expense management solution integrated with a corporate card have seen advantages across expense management performance.
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Concur and SAP Integration
Concur and SAP: The simple, secure way to manage spend. Leverage Concur and SAP native integration to see the full picture. Control your finances with end-to-end, automated data synchronization between Concur and your SAP business applications on SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. Integrating the world’s most powerful spend management tool with your SAP business applications...
Concur Business Intelligence
With accelerated technology impacting traditional many business processes, spend data is now funnelled through multiple sources making tracking and managing spend more difficult and unproductive. Consequently, emphasis increasingly placed on simplifying spend management processes and consolidating data from all your systems and directly from suppliers. Imagine collating travel, ERP, invoice and...
Concur Central Reconciliation
Concur’s Central Reconciliation service provides a streamlined method to reconcile centrally-billed accounts using the benefits of an integrated travel and expense management platform.
Concur Expense
No more missing receipts, error-prone spreadsheets and limited visibility. Welcome to Concur® Expense, an integration of accurate expense claims that automate, simplify and improve the expense management process. Effectively manage and control spending wherever and whenever it happens. With Concur, you can easily connect the varying segments and partners of your expense ecosystem to get...
Concur Expense Claim Auditing
Expense Claim Auditing Brochure
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Concur and SAP Financial Integration

This video introduces how the end-to-end, fully automated financial integration between Concur and SAP ERP will enable decision makers to effortlessly manage their company’s financial spending in real-time.

Concur Business Intelligence (2:20)

Concur's Business Intelligence Solution helps you unlock the power of your data by providing actionable insights into your company's spending patterns. Your company spends a lot of money on travel and expense. You need to know where it's all going. Concur gives you access to the necessary data, and gives you visibility into employee initiated spending. From individual details to big picture trends, you'll see exactly how your company's money is spent.

Concur Expense (2:45)

Concur integrates corporate travel booking with expense tracking, giving you a better user experience, more accurate data and richer reporting. Intuitive, web-based, and mobile tools help you complete your expense reports quickly and accurately. With just one click, Concur begins building your expense report. Your travel itinerary, car charges and supplier e-receipts are automatically entered.

Concur Global Community: Journey to Digital Transformation

Do you have the right tools to enable your employees on your path to growth? Your journey to digital transformation starts by empowering every employee to make good business decisions. As part of Concur’s Global Community, we help you see spending clearly so you can manage it proactively.

Concur Innovation Award Winner 2016 – JPMorgan Chase

Hear how JPMorgan increased efficiencies on a global scale by utilizing Concur.

Case Studies (9)
Abercrombie & Fitch Case Study PREMIUM
Concur’s Web-based and mobile solutions help Abercrombie & Fitch achieve admirable compliance with complex international T&E regulations across 25 countries, as well as reduce North American corporate card file time by15 days per month and achieve exceptional visibility into global spend.With more than $19M in annual travel spend, 36,000 expense reports to process annually and thousands of...
Cable & Wireless case study PREMIUM
Reimbursements are expedited and VAT recovery is simplified, making vital spend data more visible
Deutsche Post DHLCase Study PREMIUM
Concur delivers exceptional ROI for global logistics leader, Deutsche Post DHL.
Eaton case study PREMIUM
Powerful global functionality met the needs of this multi-national company
Ericsson case study PREMIUM
Powerful global functionality met the needs of this multi-national company
Testimonials (9)
Agilent Technologies video testimonial (2:42)

By integrating policies with preferred air and hotel vendors, company gains control over exceptions and decreases policy violations

Carl Zeiss Vision video testimonial (2:04)

Concur is user-friendly, offers huge cost savings, and gave our users control

Emerson Embedded Computer video testimonial (3:58)

We have locations in seven different countries and Concur helps us keep our expenses on an even flow

Exelon Corporation video testimonial (1:18)

We chose Concur because our legacy system could not meet our business requirements

Moneygram International video testimonial (5:42)

We are able to implement audit rules on different threshold dollar amounts increasing effectiveness