The SAP Concur Platform

Discover partner apps that extend the value of your SAP Concur solution.

Partner integrations that help simplify expense, travel, and invoice management

Our open platform enables partners to develop apps and services that easily integrate with and expand SAP Concur solutions to help your business:

  • Better utilize your data to make business decisions
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Deliver a seamless travel experience to employees

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Discover partner apps and services to help manage compliance, spend, and travel

Deploy a smart, automated invoice management solution

Modernise your accounts payable process with artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain efficiencies and optimise cashflow.

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Create a connected financial system

Integrate SAP Concur with your existing accounting systems and give your organization an easier, connected way to manage spend.

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Increase VAT reclaim

Significantly increase your value-added tax reclaim and ensure you’re maximizing tax deductions on employee spend with our tax partners.

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Address cross-border tax and immigration challenges

Assess immigration needs and easily calculate cross-border payroll tax requirements by utilizing your existing travel booking process and expense data.

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Simplify compliance with global receipt regulations

Partner apps make it easy to comply with global regulations around receipts such as e-Bunsho in Japan, e-Fapiao in China, and CFDi in Mexico.

Learn more about CFDi partners

Comply with FCPA

Partner connectors analyze expenses to ensure compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and leverage data inside SAP Concur to create a full audit trail.

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Comply with Life Sciences regulations

Simplify Open Payments reporting (formerly the Sunshine Act). Partner integrations reduce manual entry of HCP attendees, making it easy for you to create compliant records for state, federal, and international governments.

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Streamline client billing

Improve cash flow while lowering operating costs with partner apps for client billing. With partner apps for client billing, you can leverage data from Concur Expense and Concur Invoice to generate client bill statements and never miss a due date.

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Simplify access management with Single Sign-On integrations

SAP Concur integrates with leading identity-management providers so it’s easy for you to onboard new employees, manage user permissions, and remove applications access when necessary.

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Enhance business travel through innovation

Concur Labs collaborates with partners to explore ideas and build prototypes to advance the SAP Concur Platform. Notable projects include integrations with Slack, Microsoft Outlook, and Alexa for Business.

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SAP Concur has a better way to handle spend management

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