User Support Desk

Get 24/7 help from our global team of experts when you purchase add-on support for your SAP Concur solutions.

Get fast, accurate answers about your SAP Concur solutions

User Support Desk provides guidance on issues that stand in the way of employee productivity. If a user has a question about an SAP Concur product, our experts are ready to solve issues quickly, accurately, and professionally.

  • Employees save time and can get back to their jobs
  • Administrators can focus on more important tasks
  • Simplify product adoption and policy compliance

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The advantages of using external subject-matter experts

In fast-paced business environments, you need to make the most of every day. To give employees time to focus on tasks that drive results, it often makes sense to hire external subject-matter experts. Read our tip sheet to see how and when companies should use outside resources.

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Where to turn if your company doesn't have User Support Desk

If your company didn’t purchase User Support Desk, internal support is often provided by those who approve expense reports, invoices, or travel. It's usually best to start with your accounting, payroll, or travel and expense departments. For information about other SAP Concur support options, check out our user support page.

See what support is available to you

Here’s what you get with User Support Desk

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24/7 support

Get expert answers, any time of day, to questions you may have about your SAP Concur solutions.
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Solutions for your specific needs

Our representatives understand your specific system configurations, policies, and platforms (including mobile).
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Support in multiple languages

Our support team can assist you in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin.
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Full commitment to answering your questions

Most questions are answered on the first call. For more difficult cases, we engage multiple teams and provide regular updates until the question is answered.
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Custom reporting

Get periodic updates on performance indicators like opened and resolved support cases, support contacts, and response times.

SAP Concur support product suite

Learn about other SAP Concur support products and find the right one

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Concur Essential Care

Access to one or more consultants
Assistance with configuration requests
Recommendations on feature adoption
Group release notes call

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Concur Advanced Care

Designated senior consultant
Regularly scheduled calls
Annual remote interactive site workshop
Success plan, scorecard, KPI monitoring, issue log
Monthly release notes consultation

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Concur Select Care

Designated select care manager
Enhanced contractual SLAs
24/7 crisis support
Annual onsite interactive site workshop
Job monitoring
Product roadmap review
Monthly release notes consultation
Success plan, scorecard, KPI monitoring, issue log