Concur Tax Assurance by Blue dot

Improve global tax compliance and maximize profitability with automated data validation and GST/VAT recovery.

Automate spending processes and navigate complex global regulations

With governments around the world applying indirect taxes like GST/VAT, spend management and compliance is extremely complicated to manage with manual processes alone. Concur Tax Assurance uses AI and machine learning to automatically identify GST/VAT-eligible expenses, validate receipts, and optimize reclaim potential.

  • Keep up with shifting country-specific regulations
  • Reduce errors that come with manual processes
  • Protect your business from audits and penalties
  • Don’t miss out on the billions in GST/VAT-eligible expenses that go unclaimed each year

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Digital tools are no longer nice-to-have solutions

With the rapid expansion of GST/VAT, many governments require businesses to provide data that can only be captured with the help of digital tools. Which means that automated expense management, once considered an optional investment, is now mandatory in a growing number of countries.

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Concur Expense

Integrating your expense data means that your company can manage spending anywhere, anytime.
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App Center

Connect to partners and systems you already use so your data can work together.
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Intelligent Audit

Let our team of global auditors handle expense audits and free your employees to focus on other tasks.

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