Spend management for legal and professional services

SAP Concur creates efficiencies that save time and money, drive compliance, and let you get back to focusing on clients.

Waste no time on manual spend management

In your business, time is money. Which means you need systems that keep non-billable work to a minimum. SAP Concur has products and services that make travel, expense, and invoicing quick and painless. That way, you can spend more time doing what you do best — working with clients.

  • Automate expense reporting, invoicing, travel booking, and more
  • Earn client trust by showing how billable hours are spent
  • Allow your people to stay billable on the go
  • Help employees stay compliant

To see what other companies think about before choosing a travel and expense software solution, read the IDC MarketScape report.

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Attract (and hang on to) the best and brightest talent

To attract and retain talent, everything about your business needs to look good — even spend management. SAP Concur has tools and technology that are every bit as cutting edge as the products people use in their daily lives. And let’s be honest: if the choice to work at a firm came down to automated vs. manual expense reporting, which would you choose?

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SAP Concur works with products you use already

SAP Concur has a better way to handle travel and expense management

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Explore SAP Concur products, services, and expertise

Concur Travel & Expense

Integrated expense data means you can bill accurately, increase efficiencies, and manage spend anywhere, anytime.

Concur Invoice

From purchase requests to invoicing to payments. Save time and money when you automate your AP process.

Intelligent Audit

Let our team of global auditors handle expense audits and free your employees to focus on other tasks.

Concur Drive

Get control over driving expenses with automatic distance capture, documentation, and reimbursement.