Compliance and fraud solutions

Enhance your existing SAP Concur solution to better manage risk, detect fraud, and ensure compliance.

Foster a culture of compliance by making it easy for employees to stay in policy

With the right technology, you can reduce the risk of employees misreporting expenses or making out-of-policy purchases. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Access data to help identify out-of-policy expenses and internal fraud
  • Create a spend policy with guidance on workflows and approvers
  • Provide easy to use tools that help employees be compliant

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Check every expense report before reimbursement happens

Concur Detect uses AI from AppZen to automatically audit 100% of expenses for fraud and compliance errors in near real time while Policy Audit provides a team of global auditors to resolve exceptions.

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Gain better insights through expert help

Intelligence lets you see spending clearly while Consultative Intelligence provides a team of experts to interpret data insights and help identify out-of-policy spending, fraud, and compliance.

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Manage and enforce travel and spend policy across all bookings

TripLink captures direct bookings – without encouraging them – and brings them into SAP Concur, making it easier for your employees to stay compliant and for you to apply policy and audit rules.

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Learn more about how to prevent fraud and noncompliance with SAP Concur solutions

What you can’t see can cost you

When employees accidentally violate the rules or intentionally commit fraud, the cost can be substantial and expose your organization to unnecessary risk.

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Closing the gaps in compliance

Your approach to audits is unique to your organization, and it needs to be based on your priorities. Use these best practices to establish a plan for when, what, and why you’re auditing your spending.

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Reduce risks no matter where spend happens

Pure Fishing, Inc. improved compliance by 85 to 90% with the increased use of audit rules and improved expense processing, saving their organization time and money while reducing fraud.

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