Travel and Expenses – Better Together

Save time. Save money. Gain control.





Pre-Trip Approval

Confirm that travel is needed and pre-approve business trips. Employees make travel selections and place tickets and bookings on hold. Travel requests are emailed to managers for approval. Then, bookings are released for confirmation.

Simplify Business Travel & Expenses

Book business travel from a broad selection of in-policy options. Credit card charges are automatically captured and categorized. Concur's mobile app combines with TripIt Pro to manage trips and itineraries, and capture receipts - all from your mobile phone.

File Expenses

Automatically combined credit card and itinerary information is submitted with any uploaded cash receipts. Submission and approval are easy from any mobile phone or internet connection - no paper to clutter up the works.

Report & Analyse

From individual details to trends, get instant visibility into travel and entertainment spend. Learn where and with whom spend is happening to determine how your organisation can cut costs.

One Integrated Travel & Expenses Solution

Concur combines travel and expense management into one easy-to-use cloud-based solution—available online and on your mobile device. Our travel & entertainment (T&E) software helps you streamline the entire travel booking and expense claim process, enabling your organization to save time and gain more control over T&E spend. With Concur, your organization can:

  • Submit, approve or reject travel requests prior to a trip being booked.
  • Easily book corporate travel.
  • Integrate employee travel plans with TripIt® Pro.
  • Automatically create and approve travel expense claims.
  • Easily generate reports and audit T&E spend.

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See benefits

Streamlined—from start to finish.

Employees can easily book travel from a smartphone or desktop browser, while itineraries and credit card charges are automatically and accurately captured. The expense claim is nearly complete upon return, and audit and approval processes are faster, saving additional time and costs.

More accurate information.

With Concur Travel & Expense, data no longer has to be keyed in, multiple times in multiple systems. Instead, e-receipts from travel suppliers automatically turn into expense line items. Plus, Concur’s flexible reporting tools and analytics provide more accurate and timely insight into data for finance teams.

Smarter smart phones.

The Concur mobile travel and expense app helps everyone stay productive on the road. Need to change a flight or book a hotel or get a rental car at the last minute? The Concur mobile app makes it easy. Travelers can even take photos of receipts, attach the images to expense claims, and throw away the piles of paper.

A global solution.

Concur Travel & Expense supports multiple currencies and languages and integrates with multiple ERP systems. Concur Expense automatically calculates the currency exchange rate, complex car-mileage allowances and tax. Plus, Concur Travel includes content from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published fares, direct connects and web-only fares – offering a wide range of options for global travelers.