6 Ways Corporate Travel Leaders Can Manage Competing Expectations

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Tips for balancing costs, compliance, and employee experience

Balancing traveler and company expectations is no small feat, and, unfortunately, too many travel managers have to take care of each side using tools that aren’t up for either job. What’s holding them back?

  • 98% say lagging data and analytics at their company hinders their ability to perform the requirements of their job.*
  • 39% say this prevents them from ensuring traveler safety.*
  • 38% agree it restricts reporting on the company’s travel emissions.*
  • 37% say it complicates complying with regulations and industry.*
  • 37% say insufficient data and analytics make it harder to set budgets and update travel policies – and it’s adding unnecessary and frustrating challenges to the role.*

With SAP Concur travel solutions to it, and you can give your business compliance and complete visibility – while giving travelers the flexibility to design their own trips. And because it’s all part of a platform that’s ready for anything, you can be ready to meet everyone’s expectations.

Download the tip sheet for six critical improvements an integrated travel and expense solution from SAP Concur will bring to your business.


*SAP Concur Global Business Travel Manager Survey.