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AP Work is Still Work. It Just Doesn’t Have to be So Frustrating

Pamela Wong |

Well, okay, sure. Sometimes it’s still going to be frustrating. Infuriating, even. But when it comes to day-to-day monotony and minute-to-minute minutia of thumbing through all that AP paperwork, there’s a way to make things easier. You can simplify (or eliminate altogether) the manual processes and procedures your back-office team is forced to fight through, and you can open their to-do lists to the types of projects they want to do. The big-picture things you hired them to do, in fact. The things that keep them productive, engaged, and happy. And now, more than at any other time in history, keeping them happy is key.

The Great Resignation, as you well know, is rolling right along, carrying as much as 38% of the workforce with it. That’s the number of people, according to a TechRepublic survey, who are planning to leave their current job in the next few months.

That means you have work to do.


Rework the work experience

Ask anyone in finance or AP, and they’ll tell you it’s the little things that get in the way of doing their job: Tracking the receipts, scouring the expense reports, digging through the paperwork, plus the time and mistakes that always seem to accompany those pesky procedures. But you can get rid of the manual tasks that are slowing things down and increasing the risk of errors. Digitize your expense reports and accounts payable process, and you reduce processing time, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy. You help them stay on top of spending without having to stay on top of everyone who’s doing the spending.  

And this is just one example. Take a peek at everything AP is dealing with – from not wanting to be the “bad guy” to troubles with spotting non-compliant spend – then find the answers in this solution overview. Answers that will help finance do what matters most.


Free your finance team to focus on meaningful work

Again, when you take menial expense-reporting tasks and unnecessary approval processes out of their way, your finance and AP teams can keep an eye on your broader spend strategy and bigger spend picture.

By enhancing your current solutions or investing in new T&E tools, you can tap into intelligent technology and apply pre- and post-spending controls to see how spending can be improved. You can add intelligence to the audit process and pull many of those auditing pains off your auditors’ desks. And you can even get back what’s rightfully yours (money you may be missing out on now) by reclaiming every bit of eligible value-added and general-use tax you’ve paid.

In short, finance and AP can do their jobs and keep your business on budget.


What’s good for them is good for you

Protecting your budgets. Controlling your costs. Supporting your back office teams. It’s not just good for the people who work there, it’s essential for your company.

So take a moment to look at these AP concerns. You’ll see exactly to say and which solutions will make their work more efficient and engaging – while eliminating their frustrations.

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