Business Continuity

In recent years, business continuity and disaster planning have gained more importance than ever. Be prepared to confront any challenge with minimal disruption using these expert insights.

Articles about Business Continuity

When’s the last time you measured your measurements?
If your key performance indicators haven’t been adjusted to reflect changes, you could be measuring the wrong things the wrong way and getting the wrong information.  
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Is Meaningless Work What You Hired People to Do?
Its just like your mom said when you were supposed to be cleaning your room Of course you dont like it Its work and work is hard She was right Work is hard It is a challenge And thats...
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You’ve Been Flexible, but Are You Ready for What’s Ahead?
You adapted readapted and reinvented You developed more resilience than you thought possible But if theres one lesson from the past two years its that more challenges and opportunities...
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No one knows the future, but here are five really good guesses.
Staying on top of spending by staying on top of change.  
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Don’t let legacy be your legacy.
Examining the five stages of travel and expense program maturity The pandemic didnt tap you on the shoulder and whisper Hey you should really think about updating your...
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Why spend management is crucial for business survival
While COVID-19 is a once in a generation disruptor that’s impossible to completely prepare for, it nonetheless underscores the importance of building business resilience and planning for worst-case sc
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