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Globe Telecom Aims for Digital Transformation of Travel and Spend with a Cloud and Mobile Solution


Amid global trends to diversify income from revenues, Globe sees itself as much more than a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. Globe’s purpose-driven culture aims to help people and businesses flourish and prosper. It does this by maintaining its focus to create a “digital nation” and by proliferating its “Globe of Good” sustainability program throughout the country.

By utilizing SAP Concur solutions to solve its business challenges on travel and spend management, Globe can focus on the key pillars of its sustainability agenda: caring for people, the environment, and making a positive societal impact.

With SAP Concur solutions, Globe has visibility of the entire process of managing the organization’s expenses. This has greatly improved the experiences of its most important asset – its employees. Only four months after going live, Globe has achieved 100 percent adoption across the company. Since SAP Concur solutions tie into partner platforms, it has opened opportunities for partnerships that further improve customer experiences.

Learn more in the Globe Telecom customer story video.


We are creators and enablers of the Filipino digital lifestyle. We nurture businesses, empower individuals through quality products and services, and strengthen the country through strategic partnerships.

– Jessica Mari Zara, Manager at Globe




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