Streamlining Spend Management Process Paves the Way for Terumo’s Regional Expansion Plans

Terumo Asia Pacific (APAC) wanted to simplify travel, expense and invoice management with the
support of an expert partner that could streamline deployment across eight countries. The main goals were to reduce costs and save time by automating processes while ensuring adherence to company policies.

With the support of SAP Concur Implementation Partner, PwC South East Asia Consulting, Terumo APAC implemented Concur Travel and Concur Expense to digitize travel and expense management and lay the foundation for sustainable growth. As a result, manual expense claim processes were eliminated, unlocking near real-time transparency with 91 percent of claims approved within three days.

Terumo was also able to easily scale up for business expansion, while enabling employees to submit expenses and claims anytime and anywhere, allowing managers to make fast, informed approvals.

“We can increase engagement and bring meaningful insights to empower decision-making using SAP Concur, putting us in the right place for sustainable growth with compliance.”

- Juan Gomez, Regional ICT Director, Terumo Asia Pacific






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