TOTO Asia Oceania Achieves 50% Reduction in Spend on Travel and Expense with SAP Concur Solutions

Automation and Centralization of Travel and Expense Data Leads to Savings and Insight

At least one-third of the 90 TOTO Asia Oceania employees are frequent flyers who

make two or three business trips a month. On average, the company receives about
150 claims for the same period for flight and other travel-related expenses.
Historically, claims were submitted on manual spreadsheet forms and processed
locally. Because data was keyed in manually, there were often errors, and as much
as 80 percent of travel allowance claims could be miscalculated.

TOTO Asia Oceania wanted to digitize both travel and expense (T&E) management
with a single, intuitive solution. It selected Concur® Expense and Concur® Travel,
implementing the modules with the support of Viseo, an SAP Concur partner. By
adopting SAP® Concur® solutions, TOTO Asia Oceania has eliminated calculation
errors, reduced the time spent completing claims by 30 percent, and cut the
subsequent processing time by 50 percent. Claims are also handled centrally,
making it easier to ensure travel policy compliance; personnel have expressed high
satisfaction with the company’s improved claims process, especially regarding
integration with their corporate credit cards so purchases are automatically
uploaded into SAP Concur solutions.

With SAP Concur solutions, we can focus on core functions and drive growth across Asia and reduce tasks that do not generate value.

- Rika Li, Business Planning Manager, TOTO Asia Oceania






Singapore, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar


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