5 Benefits of SAP and SAP Concur Integration

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Taking travel, expense, and invoice to the cloud should create value, not volatility. It should spark innovation, not frustration. And while doing more work for finance, procurement, and travel teams, it should solve IT problems, not create IT headaches.  

As an SAP value customer, when you extend your SAP infrastructure to include SAP Concur solutions, you are investing in a spend management platform that’s always growing, consistently creating, and continuously building breakthroughs you can count on. Here are 5 reasons that SAP and SAP Concur integration works better for your organization and makes life easier for your IT teams: 

  1. SAP Concur provides a data flow that takes care of itself.

  2. SAP Concur offers single-sign-on simplicity and security.

  3. SAP Concur feeds into the SAP one-inbox experience.

  4. SAP Concur is a shorter path to impactful AI.

  5. SAP Concur means streamlined provisioning.  


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