Better Ways from A to B: Travel Management Options

man on bicycle

Travel management options no matter how big (or small) your needs may be. 

Whether it’s driving to Pittsburg or flying to Paris, involves five employees or 200, requires a passport or just a driver’s license, businesses face the same challenges when managing business travel and spending.  

They need to watch costs, ensure compliance, align budgets and priorities, keep business travelers safe, track mileage, and make the process simpler from booking to assessing ROI.  

Our new eBook, Better Ways from A to B, examines five areas where SAP® Concur® solutions and services can meet those needs and make businesses future ready. 

Booking: Concur® Travel guides travelers to compliant choices, preferred suppliers, and sustainable travel options. Concur® TripLink provides direct bookings, while Concur® Request manages preapprovals. 

Traveler experience: The SAP Concur mobile app powers travel on the go, enabling expense submission, delivering itineraries and other key details, and keeping managers apprised.  

Wellness and safety: The TripIt Pro app provides travelers destination information about hospitals, pharmacies, crime, outbreaks, pollution, unrest, and women’s and LGBTQ safety.  

Reporting and analytics: Intelligence delivers turnkey reports and dashboards, while Budget lets managers watch money spent, pending, and remaining. 

Mileage tracking: Let Concur Expense do the math or use Drive to measure trips automatically. 

Download the eBook for more about solutions and services that can help make your business ready for the future and the change it brings.