Demonstrating the Value of Your Travel Program to C-Suite 

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How’s Your Travel Program Doing?  

Now, more than ever, executives want to know your program is keeping up with changing regulations, challenging restrictions, and the overall volatility of the industry. They want a clear assessment of your program’s performance. And they want to see what kind of return they’re getting from every dollar, yen, and euro spent on travel.  

Simply put, the C-suite wants proof of how your program measures up.  

  • 49% of travel managers state that increasing pressure from senior leadership to demonstrate ROI will make their job more challenging in the next 12 months.*  

Measuring the ROI of a travel program isn’t easy – there are dozens of variables that can’t be controlled. So it really comes down to identifying a few key metrics to gauge the efficiency of the process and the effectiveness of your organization’s policies, then making sure those targets align with your organization’s objectives.  

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*Source: 2022 SAP Concur Global Business Travel Manager Report