Expense Automation Solutions: A Buyer’s Guide

woman looking at tablet, in a retail store

Manual expense processes are cumbersome for both SMB employees and finance staff because they are inherently inefficient and laborious. It’s a nonproductive task that interrupts employees’ daily work to send them on a hunt for paper and digital receipts. Employees must spend valuable time filling out spreadsheets and Word templates and manually matching credit card charges and receipts. Then, they need to track down their manager and hand off a messy package for review and approval, which usually occurs without much managerial examination.

Find out how your small-to-midsize business can reap significant savings and benefits by intelligently automating manual expense management processes. You’ll learn that you can cut down on incorrect expense reporting and free your employees' time for more value-added tasks. 

Get the expert insight you need to make an informed decision about selecting an automated expense management solution that's right for you. Download the Buyer’s Guide today!