How to Empower Your Business in the New World of Work

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hanks to the COVID-19 pandemic response, uncertainty is the new status quo. Even as we start to put the short-term effects of recent events in the rear-view mirror, the long-term effects have accelerated the need for businesses of all sizes to digitise and automate their finance operations.  

We now live in a new world of work where some of the ways of doing things no longer suffice. More people are working from home than ever. Expense accounts must be limited by compliance rules and fiscal reality. Process efficiency is more important than ever so busy employees can focus on their strategic work. 

Another example: You now have to be able to manage all your spending equally. So even if you’ve transformed one aspect of your company spend digitally, like managing expense reports, manual siloed processes across other spend types are still costing you time and money. 

With workforces becoming more remote and driving more spend without direct oversight, you need every advantage to gain control and insight over spend so you can make the most out of your cash flow. The more finance and IT can work together, the more they can help drive your entire organisation forward with more intelligent decisions.  

82% of businesses with five–1,000 employees agreed their organisation identified new gaps in cash flow management tools and processes as a result of COVID-19i

To meet the demands of the new world of work, organisations must exert more control over company spend and cash flow, while making it easier for employees to do their jobs from anywhere. Download the Empower Your Business in the New World of Work checklist to learn how intelligent SAP Concur solutions can help IT and finance teams address gaps in processes and insights to drive benefits that help move your business forward.