The Travel Manager’s Guide to Success

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Taking care of the details and taking the lead with SAP Concur Solutions. 

Prior to 2019, the role of travel manager required a lot of tactical thinking and hard work – developing your organization’s travel policies and programs, looking after all travel arrangements, and managing relationships with your TMC and vendors. Then Covid-19 happened, and everything changed. These days, as corporate travel has returned, your job has taken on more of a strategic approach (on top of the tactical responsibilities already on your plate). 

So, it’s no surprise that 99% of travel managers say their job will be more challenging in the next 12 months due to: 

  • Inflationary impacts increasing costs for the same amount of travel (41%)* 

  • Ensuring traveler safety in areas becoming increasingly hostile to marginalized groups (38%)* 

  • Pressure to report more on travel emissions (28%)* 

  • Travelers booking supplier direct (31%)* 


In this guide, we look at the issues you’re facing right now: 

  • Achieving ROI 
  • Driving sustainability and DEI 
  • Improving the employee experience 
  • Managing multi-channel bookings 

And we show you how SAP Concur solutions help you handle it all – including highlighting our latest innovations – to help you be the strategic leader your organization needs. 

Download the eBook – The Travel Manager’s Guide to Success – to learn more.  


*2023 Global Business Travel Managers Survey