8 Tips for a Best Practice Expense Process

woman at a desk

Why follow a best-practice expenses claim process?

We understand that whilst most companies would like to adopt best practice procedures it can be hard to:

a) know what best practice is

b) know how to replicate it or implement it. 

This guide provides eight how to tips that could help make submitting, approving and paying expenses more efficient, more appropriate, and less frustrating:

  1. Start with a firm, fair expense policy
  2. Keep the process simple
  3. Collect the right amount of (relevant) information
  4. Submit and approve expenses on time
  5. Check expenses and make managers accountable
  6. Make it easy to submit and approve expenses away from the office
  7. Audit your processes and receipts
  8. Pay people on time

Download today to learn more about the details and then try this expense policy template to create your own version.