A Finance Leader’s Guide to Tax Compliance

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As a finance leader, you don’t have room in your budget (or in your day) for inefficient processes or non-compliant practices. You don’t have time to waste or time for risks that aren’t worth the reward. And with all the shifts in business and employee spending and changing regulatory requirements, much of your time is spent trying to keep up.  

According to a recent IDC study1 sponsored by SAP Concur, 

  • Evolving employee work models are shifting the expense management paradigm. Expense management must now include support for remote and hybrid workers, as well as for those using decentralized purchasing practices. 

  • Expense types are growing more broad and more complex. They now include spending for remote work equipment and services, project-based expenses, and accessibility-related equipment like large monitors or text-to-speech synthesizers.  

In this content, we introduce Concur Tax Assurance by Blue dot and Concur Benefits Assurance by Blue dot, 2 products that can help you efficiently capturing, tracking, and reclaiming indirect taxes – VAT / GST / HST – and accurately capturing and reporting taxable employee benefits (TEBs), the benefits are paid through expense reports and are easy to overlook.  

Download the content to learn how SAP Concur products work, what you can see from the dashboard, and how you can benefit from data and insights to build more confidence and reset assured in your tax compliance and management.  

Source: IDC Info Snapshot sponsored by SAP Concur, Meeting the Challenge of Expense Management in a Hybrid Work Environment, Doc #US49971522, March 2023