Infographic: Traveler Behavior & Invisible Spend

Traveler behaviors and preferences are changing.

With the emergence of new technology, supplier-direct efforts and shifts due to generational changes, business traveler behavior is changing. High smartphone adoption has led to new traveler behavior.

While many successful managed travel programs have shifted bookings online, new mobile behavior requires a shift in the way adoption and compliance are measured. 

  • When and where are travelers booking outside policy?
  • What challenges does this cause for managed travel programs?
  • Are millennials changing managed travel?
  • How does your corporate travel mobile tool stack up against travelers' expectations?

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Phocuswright conducted a U.S. Business Traveler Survey with the goal to identify the impact of technology on business traveler behavior. A business traveler was defined as someone having taken at least one business trip at least 75 miles from home in the previous 12 months that included a flight and/or paid lodging.

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