Sustainable Business Travel Survey 2022 Singapore Results Are In - Fast Highlights (Infographics)

Sustainable Business Travel Survey 2022 Infographics Singapore

Singapore opened it's doors for international visitors in 2022 and both leisure and business travel is back with an optimistic buzz ever since.

2-in-3 organisations expects to sees international travel returning to pre-pandemic volume according to Asia Insight and SAP Concur’s latest 2022 survey across 6 countries in APAC.

This study shows that a majority of respondents from Singapore believe they have some sustainability efforts in place when it comes to corporate travel, though more can still be done. Like other counterparts across APAC, Singapore organisations want to learn more about business travel sustainability standards that they should work towards.

How should businesses take on the responsibility to engage employees to make the right travel and accommodation choices, and monitor and report their progress in cutting greenhouse gases emissions over time?

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