Are You in for a Bumpy Ride?

Skyscrapers and airplane in the sky

Realizing the value to careers and companies, business travelers are ready to go again. According to the 2023 SAP Concur Global Business Travel Surveys, they have some “ifs” and “buts” regarding business travel safety and flexibility, putting additional pressure on travel managers straining to manage costs, duty of care, and other challenges. 

  • Ready to travel but with reservations: 98% of business travelers are willing to take a trip in the next 12 months, but 91% expect to be able to go outside company policy for safety or other concerns. In fact, 53% changed accommodations in the past year because they felt unsafe. 
  • Travel managers under stress: 47% find their jobs are more stressful; 99% expect their roles to become even more challenging in the next year. Their challenges include higher costs (41%), ensuring traveler safety (38%), and a lack of timely information to perform daily duties, as a whopping 98% report. 

Download the infographic for further insights from business travelers and travel managers from the 5th Annual SAP Concur Global Business Travel Reports.