Seven Steps to increasing Resiliency and Value of Travel Programs

As a user of SAP Concur solutions, you’re already on your way to being prepared for travel to resume. According to a new Wakefield Research survey of 4,850 business travelers, travel is vital to success. Of those surveyed, 46% predict sales declines without travel. But there are many challenges ahead, from learning how to travel safely to improving transparency into travel bookings and spend. You’ll also need to be mindful of employee concerns and address them – in many cases, by using SAP Concur solutions to better support travelers worldwide, improve their satisfaction and productivity, and gain full visibility into travel data.

Here are seven steps to a successful travel program in the “new normal.”

  1. Plan ahead for continuous change
  2. Adapt quickly by staying informed
  3. Harness the power of foresight with Pre-Trip approvals
  4. Guide approved travelers to make wise choices
  5. Build safety into pre-trip planning
  6. Help employees stay safe while traveling
  7. Proactively manage the post travel experience

Download the tip sheet to learn more on how to support your organization’s return to travel.