From Chaos to Control: How Travel Managers Can Meet the Multi-Channel Challenge

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In the ever-evolving world of corporate travel, significant changes are reshaping the landscape. As business travel suppliers distribute an explosion of content across a growing number of channels, the days of booking through a single or limited channels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. At the same time, employees want access to multiple channels and the flexibility to book travel directly. While some organizations are steadfastly resisting these changes, others are embracing the fundamental shift that is underway and smartly adapting their travel strategies to keep up with this multi-channel reality.

In this episode of the SAP Concur Conversations podcast, Paul Tilstone shares independent insights provided by FESTIVE ROAD alongside Charlie Sultan, President of Concur Travel, as they explore today’s multi-channel reality and its impact on travel managers. Together, they share how organizations are navigating the complex world of multi-channel travel while maintaining program control, ensuring their adaptability and success in this dynamic and highly complex landscape.