Webinar: How AI and Machine Learning Reimagine Travel and Expense Processes

Travel and expenses are two areas where employees hold the purse strings, with some estimates showing that employee spend accounts for as much as 65% of an organization’s controllable spend. Gaining visibility into these costs while managing the associated risks presents a major challenge to finance leaders. In this session, we will explore how industry leading companies leverage intelligent technologies to reimagine their travel and expense processes, to deliver: 

  • Greater visibility and control of travel spend before it’s booked, and the data to strengthen negotiating positions with vendors
  • The ability to proactively locate and set up two-way communication with traveling employees in the event of an emergency 
  • A fully digital and employee-friendly expense process that automates expense capture and reporting in an effective and efficient way, reducing potential mistakes and helping to prevent fraud 
  • A faster, more accurate reimbursement process with 100% auditing of expense reports that keeps your business agile and your employees focused on delivering better business outcomes