The True Costs of Paper-Based Invoice Processing and Disbursements

Your AP department can reduce costs and better manage spend with automated invoice processing. One way for organizations to reduce costs and better manage discretionary spending is to automate invoice processing and disbursements. The average cost to process a single invoice is $12.90. Automation delivers an average of 29% reduction in invoice processing costs, which can translate to $300,000 per year for an organization that processes up to 10,000 invoices per month. Download the IOFM report to discover how:

  • Manual invoice processing is costing your organization
  • Your organization can improve accuracy and cash flow visibility
  • Reducing invoice processing costs can position your organization for success

This special report is based on the findings and analysis of primary research recently conducted by the Institute of Finance and Management and based on data provided by hundreds of financial operations professions. It discusses the high cost of invoice processing by clearly addressing the problems like errors and low visibility, and then explains the solutions that automation provides and how that can benefit your organization’s bottom line.

Download "The True Costs of Paper-Based Invoice Processing and Disbursements" to begin improving efficiency in your accounts payable department.