Control company costs and cash flow

Keeping a consistent cash flow is easier when you can control costs with processes and policies. Automated expense, invoice, and budget management can help.

Empower your business in a new work world with these 5 tips

In the new world of work, with more remote employees, compliance rules, and fiscal limitations, it’s crucial to empower your business with processes that control costs, minimise gaps in spend oversight, and help more cash end up on your bottom line.

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Evolving your business with AI is easier than you may think

We partnered with Forbes to explore four accessible ways AI can help businesses of any size keep their business moving forward, including:

  • Cashflow prediction and trendspotting
  • Optimising office processes
  • Hiring and retaining great talent
  • Shaping future business strategy

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Four simple ways AI can help your business

Case study: saving time and money through digitisation

Automation and AI can transform more than manual processes – they can change your business. Watch these case studies to learn how two organisations created more time, supported remote work, found significant savings, and reshaped their company cultures with better technology.

Serco gains insight into expense spend

Manage spending more effectively with these SAP Concur solutions

Concur Expense

Integrating all of your expense data means that you can manage your company’s spend anywhere, anytime.

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Concur Invoice

Automate AP to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and increase visibility into spend.

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Concur Travel

Simplify the travel experience, increase compliance, and control your company’s costs — all in one place.

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Analyze and manage funds with customized reports, dashboards, and an integrated view on spend.

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Concur is really an effective tool that saves me time and provides clear visibility into what we're spending.”

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