Gaining Insights and AI Solutions to Face the Unknown

Budgets are tight, skilled talent is hard to come by, and demands for growth and productivity are unrelenting. And those are just a few of the many challenges that SAP® customers confront. Truth is, one of the few things known for certain is the future is full of unknowns.  

Because nobody knows travel and expense like we do, SAP Concur delivers the solutions and expertise that businesses like yours need to prepare for the obstacles, opportunities, and unpredictability ahead. 

In a discussion featuring Christopher Juneau, Head of SAP Concur Market Strategy, and moderated by Hanna Hood, AP senior value consultant, learn about: 

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s already at work in SAP Concur solutions. Hear specific cases of how AI simplifies tasks and increases efficiency, visibility, and compliance. 
  • Cloud-based solutions from SAP Concur that allow native integration with SAP. The result is encrypted and fully automated data integration where implementation is simplified, advantages grow, and solutions flex and scale with you.  
  • The future of finance in an intelligent enterprise using AI-infused solutions. The result is a unified T&E experience with near-real-time data insights, greater compliance, and evolving CFO and finance team roles.  


Brian Vance  

SAP Concur 

COO and VP of Operations and Strategy 


Hanna Hood 

SAP Concur 

Senior Value Consultant