Webinar: Achieve Cost Reduction Targets by Re-imagining Compliance for Employee Discretionary Spend

According to Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations, expense reimbursement makes up 11% of all asset misappropriation cases, which ranks third among the different schemes and the median loss was USD$40,000.

Fraud tends to proliferate during periods of uncertainty and economic instability. 
Despite the increased risk environment and internal cost reduction targets, employee discretionary spend programs are often neglected or de-prioritised in organisations because they are often viewed as less important even though it impacts the majority of employees within your organisation.

Join us as we discuss how compliance programs around employee discretionary spend need to evolve and deliver sustainable cost optimization across the organization while balancing employee experience.

Mark Wilfred (Director, Solutions Consulting - SAP Concur)
Ross MacKay (Group Head of Global Shared Services & Finance Process Optimisation - International SOS)
Munenori Iwanaga (VP, Head of Internal Audit - SAP)