How to Lead Through Business Uncertainty with Technology and Strategic Vision

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Finance leadership has evolved into a strategic powerhouse, wielding substantial influence over a company’s growth trajectory. As businesses navigate a landscape of uncertainty and underlying risk, finance leaders’ understanding of their company’s financial health influences the business strategy, emphasizing risk analysis, profitability, and compliance.  

“Change is not a bad word for finance leaders. It challenges us to build a flexible organization that can adapt with agility as a practice. And as the pace of change continues to grow in speed and volume, we need to ensure the right tools, technology, and mindset are in place now to secure profitable business success in the future. – Hagit Ynon, Chief Finance Officer, WalkMe” 

In this CFO Insights series, we have engaged finance leaders worldwide to gain insights on demonstrating leadership that magnifies the transformational impact and supports company growth.  

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1. Adopt Technology Without Losing Attention to Finance Basics 

Finance is more than a transactional function. It strategically aligns and intertwines the connections between buyers, suppliers, and business objectives. As market dynamics and company needs evolve, finance leaders can help the entire company adapt – especially when translating their processes, knowledge, and goals into actional, value-driven plans.  


2. Keep Personal Development a Top Priority 

Finance leaders are experiencing fundamental changes to their responsibilities. By prioritizing personal development and considering the adoption of new technologies as the enabler, finance professionals can transition their value and role to a more analytical and strategic future.  


3. Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships Business-Wide 

As finance leaders interface with various departments, they must emphasize collaboration and holistic engagement in their leadership style. This includes aligning efforts to drive efficiency within the finance department and the entire business.  


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