SEA Business Traveller Report 2022

business travellers walking towards an airplane outside

Nearly all business travellers are willing to travel this year, yet the way companies are managing the return to travel may prove problematic. The business travel trends show that most business travellers report their companies are returning to pre-pandemic travel levels but are spreading it among fewer employees, an approach that leaves the majority unhappy with their travel frequency.   

  • Over two-thirds of SEA business travellers (67%) report their current travel frequency is not meeting expectations. 

  • More than 1 in 3 SEA business travellers (36%) are traveling more than they want to (compared to 22% globally), while 32% are travelling less than they prefer. 

And while most of those traveling too little are willing to wait for things to improve, many who are on the road more than they’d like are ready to bring about the change themselves –even if that means a change of employers. But recruiting these eager travelers will come at a cost during this era of intense labor competition, as nearly all want extra perks to take a job requiring more travel.  

Meeting business travellers’ expectations is likely the better option for companies, which includes ensuring their travel schedules meet needs as well as offering the travel flexibility they deem essential. Business travellers are focused on safeguarding their well-being amid lingering COVID-19 health and safety concerns. Sustainable travel continues to be a key consideration for business travellers as well, offering an additional opportunity for employers to cater to employees’ travel requirements.  

These findings come from a survey of 3,850 business travellers across 25 global markets commissioned by SAP Concur through Wakefield Research.