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A New Home for Concur TripLink

SAP Concur Team |

Concur TripLink has a new home within your SAP Concur solutions, providing you with a centralized hub to help streamline enrollment and engagement!

Simply sign in, and you’ll see “TripLink” in the main navigation. Your employees will find sections to learn about the component parts of Concur TripLink (travel partner integrations and TripIt Pro) and can enable each one.  

With these updates, your organization and travelers will benefit from:  

  • Easier enrollment – Now in one central location, travelers can get set up, manage, and engage with Concur TripLink. It’s easy to find and access the hub in the main navigation within SAP Concur solutions. Here, employees can learn about Concur TripLink, enroll in travel partner integrations, connect their frequent traveler accounts, and activate their complimentary TripIt Pro subscriptions.  
  • Improved awareness – This consolidated “home” for Concur TripLink will improve awareness and education of the solution and its benefits for your travelers.   
  • Increased connections – With a streamlined connection process, more of your employees can take advantage of the benefits they already have, giving your organization a better return on your investment.  

What actions do I need to take?  

As an SAP Concur administrator, we encourage you to communicate this update with your organization and travelers to help your business and employees get the most value from Concur TripLink.  

For additional information on this change, steps for your organization’s travelers to take, frequently asked questions, and adoption tools, please review these helpful resources:   

  • Our FAQ with more information and commonly asked questions  
  • Admin messaging guide containing email templates and pre-written messages so you can communicate this update to your travelers and drive adoption  
  • End User getting started guide with steps for your employees to find the Concur TripLink hub and get connected  

For additional questions and support, please utilize our FAQ.  

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